Are you looking for ways to create great relationships with your children and build a strong family?

My Blueprint for Strong Families courses will provide you with the guidance, curriculum, and confidence you need to be a better parent and leader. It will give you the tools to become a Purposed Parent who will raise your child with compassion to become a strong, responsible, loving adult.

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    Here’s what people are saying about Deborah’s work:

    We are forever grateful to her for all that she has taught us in how to be better parents by first being our best self. We are committed to put in action all that she has taught us, one day at a time as we strive to be our better selves and be the best parents we can be to our children.This class was definitely worth our time and we would recommend it to any parent and future parents. – Mariam Fikre
    “Dr. Tillman has left a permanent impression on myself and my girls. Her wisdom and grace have walked me through the life stages of parenting which often feel lonely, uncertain, and anxious. She is a tried and true source of help and she always meets us where we are.” — Sarah Bragg, Author and Podcast Host
    “Dr. Deborah Tillman is a phenomenal teacher and speaker who has a wealth of knowledge to help equip families to be stronger. She kept our conference attendees engaged with passionate dialogue and thought-provoking case studies. She also provided practical tools that any parent can easily adapt to strengthen their family. Many of our congregants have gained new perspectives on parenting. We were extremely blessed and inspired by her presentation and inspiration! Dr. Tillman has a heart for families.
” – Chris V. Pryor,Pastor Victorious Believers Ministries
    “God knew that it would be necessary to have love, guidance and support among each other to provide refuge from life storms. I am happy to know one of God’s sources of love and support through Dr. Deborah Tillman. She has been and continues to be a champion for those who need to know they are loved. I am honored to call her my refuge.” – Debra Kilpatrick Byrd, Event & Project Consultant
    Kay Salerno and Shila Morris, Sisters, wives, restaurant chain owners, marketing experts, podcast hosts, and mamas on a quest to ‘have it all’ John Maxwell Team Faculty, The ‘Shi’ in @KayAndShi
    “With four children of our own (ages 3-10), and a business to manage, we knew we had to find a way to make the time with our kids count the most. Enter Dr. Tillman. Her ‘parenting on purpose’ philosophy has helped us orient our families as the foundation of our lives, in a way that results in meaningful, positive relationships without sacrificing the passions of entrepreneurship and business. Thank you Dr. Tillman, you truly are a Supernanny!” – Shila Morris, Entrepreneur, John Maxwell Team Faculty
    “Dr. Deborah Tillman’s passion for children and families is evident in the work we’ve done together. Compassion partnered with Dr. Tillman as she released her latest book, Game Changers, and is using her voice to help children in poverty in the developing world. You only have to spend a few minutes with Dr. Tillman to know she is passionate about building stronger families both in the US and around the globe. We are grateful for how Dr. Tillman uses her influence to make a difference for children and families around the world.” – Karen Barrows, Compassion International
    “Dr. Tillman is a beautiful soul inside and out. She brings the same consistent positivity, love, and desire to serve whether I’m watching her on TV, on stage, or sitting across the table at lunch. Her energy and determination to help families have better relationships through common understanding and real emotional connection is making a significant impact on so many families around the world, along with my own.” – Karen Que, CEO/Founder, Scale the Limit LLC
    “Dr. Deborah is an amazing servant of God who is touching the lives of people from different cultures. She has planted seeds of inspiration in the Philippines through the Kamay ng Pag-asa (Hand of Hope) mission. As a speaker, her spirit-filled encouragement has made an impact on the lives of the Filipino missionaries.”
    “As a parenting and family specialist, you can count on her expertise as an advocate for building a solid foundation among families where values formation is the primary success indicator. Truly, she is living her legacy of building a Christian foundation among children who are the future gems of different nations across  the globe.”

    – RC Sustiguer Kamay ng Pag-asa Missionary, Life Coach, and Purposepreneur 

    “My husband and I recently graduated from Dr. Deborah Tillman’s Parenting Academy. We’ve learned many wonderful things that we are now practicing with our four-year-old son. The class not only focuses on how to interact and engage with your child/children, it also teaches you the importance of understanding who are as a parent and how it relates to you as a person.
    Additionally, the class teaches you how to rid yourself of the guilt and anxiety we may carry with us when we think we are not doing enough for our children or when we think we are making mistakes. The training has provided us with skills that teach us how to be individuals while being the best parents we can be to our children with the tools we’ve been given.”

    – Tatjana Christian

    “What can I say about my training with Dr. Deborah Tillman? My experience with her was a beautiful one that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It was also the most invigorating and inspiring training that I have ever received. She captivates, mesmerizes and provokes your most inner thoughts and feelings. Her training taught me life skills that I will gladly use for the rest of my life! She is totally a blessing that God has bestowed upon me. She is a beautiful soul, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity of being in her presence!” – Yassanah Farrakhan, Parent Liaison, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (NJ)
    “Dr. Deborah Tillman is changing the way a generation parents their kids. Her voice is reshaping the way we see and do family. Listen to what she says if you want to win in your home.” – Reggie Joiner, Founder and CEO, Orange
    “Dr. Tillman truly is a light for any who encounter her. She illuminates challenging situations with her unique blend of intellect and practical wisdom. And she illuminates our soul with the kind of hope we so desperately need. To spend a day with Deborah is to feel both seen and elevated.” – Kristen Ivy, President, Orange & Parent Cue

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