Empowering Parents to Raise Children with Compassion and Purpose


So why am I reimagining the purpose of parenting?

The truth is that we as parents have allowed past generations and painful family practices to become the baggage that we carry forth into our present—damaging the future of our children. I am committed to helping to build strong and courageous families by liberating parents from harsh discipline. My mission is to reimagine the purpose of parenting so we can leave our children a legacy of love by raising them with compassion and purpose!

Deborah Tillman: Who Am I?

I’m an entrepreneur, author, international speaker, Lifetime TV’s America’s Supernanny, and President of the John C. Maxwell Parenting and Family Certification serving more than 16,000 coaches in over 150 countries. Most importantly, I am a mother who believes we must reconstruct and redesign the parenting narrative in order to raise our children without the broken pieces from our past.

Deborah Tillman


Who would have ever thought that a little black girl raised primarily by a single mom would grow up to be Lifetime TV’s America’s Supernanny watched by millions as she helped families come together, get it together and stay together. We make plans but God has a PURPOSE for PARENTS!


Articles, tips and resources to help you on your path to becoming a Purposed Parent

Tatjana Christian

“My husband and I recently graduated from Deborah Tillman’s Parenting Academy. We’ve learned many wonderful things that we are now practicing with our four-year-old son. The class not only focuses on how to interact and engage with your child/children, it also teaches you the importance of understanding who are as a parent and how it relates to you as a person.

Mariam Fikre

We enjoyed the Parenting Movement class by Tillman greatly and have learned so much from her. We value and respect her tremendously for her great passion and desire to make our world a better place, one parent at a time, one child at a time. She is truly a gift with a beautiful soul, personality and valuable lessons for all of parents to learn from and adhere too.

Chris V. Pryor
Pastor Victorious Believers Ministries Building Kingdom Leaders

Deborah Tillman is a phenomenal teacher and speaker who has a wealth of knowledge to help equip families to be stronger. She kept our conference attendees engaged with passionate dialogue and thought-provoking case studies. She also provided practical tools that any parent can easily adapt to strengthen their family. Many of our congregants have gained new perspectives on parenting. We were extremely blessed and inspired by her presentation and inspiration! Tillman has a heart for families.

Sarah Bragg
Author and Podcast Host

Tillman has left a permanent impression on myself and my girls. Her wisdom and grace have walked me through the life stages of parenting which often feel lonely, uncertain, and anxious. She is a tried and true source of help and she always meets us where we are.

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