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Progress NOT Perfection

Progress NOT Perfection

Dr. Deborah’s Thoughts

I don’t know if it was the fact that I grew up a “middle” child or that I was just born with a bend for excellence.  However, whatever it was that made me always want to get the best grades, be the brightest student and yes make my daddy smile was ingrained in me.  It didn’t stop because I became a mother. Twenty-eight years ago, I still found myself seeking perfection.  You might know her as the supermom.  The one that keeps the house clean, the refrigerator filled with nothing but organic products and working until 1:00am in the morning in order to get all the things accomplished that she put down on her “to do” list.  But that woman never served me well.  I was always burnt out and short tempered but yet, counseled my parents to relax, breathe and take time to rest.  REST…. What is that?  The thing that makes us all feel guilty?  No way, I have to be BUSY.  I don’t think I am the only one who suffered from this lifestyle.  Well, after two decades of working with families and mom’s in particular, I am here to tell you yes, “tell you” to STOP!  


Save yourself some time and listen to me.  

Treat yourself to a Wellness Wednesday every week and do not feel guilty

Opt-out of social media and listen to your favorite music

Pray to the one who is able to keep us in perfect peace.  


Listen, if we don’t take the time to keep ourselves full then the world will empty us.  We have all been through a lot this past year.  Yes, we are all in the same storm but as Columnist Damian Barr says we are not in the same boat.

“We are going through a time when our perceptions and needs are completely different. And each one will emerge, in his own way, from that storm.

It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance. Not just looking, more than looking, seeing.

See beyond the political party, beyond biases, beyond the nose on your face. Do not judge the good life of the other, do not condemn the bad life of the other.

Don’t be a judge.

Let us not judge the one who lacks, as well as the one who exceeds him. We are on different ships looking to survive. 

Let everyone navigate their route with respect, empathy and responsibility”



Dr. Deborah L. Tillman

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