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Model The Behavior You Want To See

Children should not ever have to go outside of the house to find their role model. If you know you want your child to grow up being nonviolent and able to manage their emotions, then we shouldn’t be yelling and slapping them around.


If we want our children to be kind and polite, We should not be honking the horn when someone cuts us off on 1-95 putting up middle fingers and calling them all kinds of names that their parents did not give them.


If we want children to be respectful to the teacher then WE must not disrespect their teachers.


Let’s start today by:

Modeling kindness



And Integrity


Children are great imitators. They may not always listen to what you say but they are always watching how you live.


We can live better, we can do better we can be better.


Until next time, Be A Light

Dr. Deborah L. Tillman

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