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What will it take to Succeed in 2020?

How many of you think it Is it Potential?


It is my belief that every person God created has nearly limitless potential. It is one of God’ gifts to us. What we do with it, is our gift back to God. From the day we are born, we should have been taught about our uniqueness as individuals. We should have learned about the spark of Divinity instilled in each of us at birth. Science recognizes only two infinities – outer space and inner space – the human mind. This three-pound mass of cells can store up to one hundred trillion bits of information. When necessary, it can handle up to fifteen thousand decisions per second, as in the case of the digestive process following eating.


Our sense of touch can detect a projection only one twenty-five thousandth of an inch high. We can taste one-part quinine in two million parts water, We can smell up to ten thousand different odors. Our bodies produce every chemical needed to heal itself. Each of us is literally a mass of positive potential. And that description focuses only on our minds and bodies. It does not take into account the potential of the immortal souls God has given us! So let us use our potential and take massive action in 2020 to do and be all that God has created for us.


Until next time, Be A Light

Dr. Deborah

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