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Be an Agent of Change

We are courageous and born to be an agent of change. We are not here by accident. It is time for each one of us to usher in a NEW AGE OF HOPE. Norm Brodsky said, “either you’re an agent of change, or you’re destined to become a victim of change. You simply can’t survive over the long term if you insist on standing still”. Parents, you and I have a MINISTRY which embodies raising our children to reach their full potential in Christ. The calling on your life is not about you. We have the power to change the world. However, in order to do so, we, the parents must be like Fannie Lou Hamer when she said, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Let’s fulfill our mission for this generation by being:


Sick and tired of black and brown bodies being locked up and locked out of a nation that says justice and equality for all but has their knee on our necks.


Sick and tired of our students being uneducated and miseducated in an unproductive educational system


Sick and tired of the adultification bias and criminalization of our black boys and girls because of the warped way “they see us”


Sick and tired of leaders giving lip service instead of a life of service building, restoring and renewing the lives of those who are marginalize


Sick and tired of fathers not taking care of the children they were big enough to make but not strong enough to raise


Sick and tired of mothers making money to buy their children “presents” instead of showing their “PRESENCE”


Sick and tired of protecting the position of #45 who tweets lies rather than proclaiming the TRUTH


Sick and tired of systemic racism that permeates every area of our society and keeps black and brown people from reaching their fullest potential


Sick and tired of comedians making jokes, preachers using scripture and parents following the generational curse of “spanking” their children while being ignorant of the fact that the dehumanizing practice came from SLAVERY.


Slavery was not a choice as Kanye West stated. However, adopting its methods for keeping human beings in line is. Make the choice to burn to belts! Discipline comes from the root word disciple which means to teach. Our ancestors were tortured, abused and beaten by slave owners. Are we really choosing to hit our children whenever they get out of line? Have we not learned the lessons from the past? Dr. Maya Angelou said when we know better, we must do better. Change will only happen when we are bold enough to make it happen. When we recognize and begin to dismantle the wickedness of 401 years; when we begin to stand up, speak up and show up for all of God’s children understanding that WE ARE AGENTS OF CHANGE that is when we will be able to stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Until next time, Be A Light

Dr. Deborah

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