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Family Vision Is Vital

Dr. Deborah’s Thoughts

Developing a clear vision for your family is critical to leading on purpose and life in a way that honors God. It will help you clarify what is most important, avoid distractions, and provide a north star that can guide you forward. The power of a vision comes directly from God who created each one of us. So only by consulting Him will we ever know what He wants our families to accomplish in the earth. It is a bit shameful that we write visions for our companies and businesses that we work for but don’t take the time to write a vision for our families.


Establishing a vision for your family gives you clarity and direction which allows you to see where you’re headed — meaning you can more easily control your family’s outcome. I am going to give you 3 reasons to start off the New Year by creating a vision and therefore setting yourself up for success in 2022.


1. The Vision is your end goal. Without establishing goals for your family, it is harder to create a path to success. You are just aimlessly living life from day to day. It also puts meaning behind your goals instead of just wishing and hoping your family life will get better.


2. The Vision makes it easier to get through the challenges of life. When you are trying to create a family that looks beautiful in the eyes of God, the enemy is not happy, and trust me, you will run into all kinds of storms and problems. However, with a vision for your family when you hit those struggles, your family vision will push you through. When you have something to focus on, you will recognize how important getting through the challenge was. When you know what you are working toward, those hurdles will seem smaller than you imagined.


3. Successful families are hard to find. What I may consider success for my family will not be the same for your family. Knowing your family vision allows you to set a standard for success. When you know what you want to accomplish in your family, you will know that you are raising children and each other to become the best and highest version of yourself.


Don’t let creating a life vision cause you to feel overwhelmed — you can always change your plan. Just get started. In 2022, it is more important to get it DONE than to make it PERFECT!

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