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7 Tips for Families during a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. This means we are all going through this collectively. Furthermore, for parents, home has become everything: work, school and the social environment. The fact that we all need to practice social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe affects our mental health in an even greater way. To prepare for life after the pandemic, we need to start now by assessing what is most important.  I  am going to provide you with 7 – Tips to get you and your family through these times.


Tip #1 Journal how you feel

Writing down your feelings helps you to release anxiety and frustrations. A good way to relieve stress is to write in the stream of consciousness in the morning so that the weights you are carrying are let go before starting your day.


Tip #2 Create a SCHEDULE

Having a schedule or daily routine helps you keep some sense of normalcy and increases resiliency as the pandemic continues.


Tip #3 Set Guidelines

The fact that many people are home may cause others to believe you have more free time. 

Give yourself permission to say “No” to things you really do not want or have time to do. 


Tip #4 Eliminate the 3(C’s)

Don’t complain, compare or criticize

Comparison can be destructive and robs you of joy.

It lowers self-esteem and self-confidence and brings on negative emotions. Let go of people, places, and things that are not serving you well, and whatever you do, please do not self-sabotage by speaking negatively about yourself or your situation.


Tip #5 Practice Self Care

Forgive yourself for not doing things or for any mistakes you made.

Be easy on yourself. We are in unprecedented times and there is no book or roadmap on how to handle everything that is happening. Some days you may feel like the best coach, mom, dad, pastor, entrepreneur other days you may feel like you got nothing done.  In either case, don’t allow your mind to take you to a negative place of no return.  Care for yourself enough to guard your thoughts.


Tip #6 Embrace Self Love

Take a walk, exercise, meditate and focus on YOU.  It is not selfish.  As we continue into 2022, let us all seek to pour from a cup that is overflowing with peace, compassion, patience, joy, and love. You can only do that if you have been intentional about your well-being mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


My favorite and most life-changing tip is #7


Tip #7 Plug into the Power of Fervent Prayer

Praying is one of the most powerful tools we have to get closer to God and weapons to use against the enemy; the one he hates.  So, when life is tossing us all around and even when it is not, remember to pray without ceasing because prayer really does change things.  

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