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As grateful as I am for health and strength, I am even more grateful for the privilege and the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of families and children. Even more than ever, I believe that this year we will see signs and wonders that we did not even think would be possible. We will work hard. However, more importantly, we will work SMARTER! It is time to begin to be the drum major for our own lives. God will order our steps to Victory, but only if we allow Him to. It is time out for excuses, complaining and pity parties.

This is the year to make it happen! You may want to start a business; write a book, start a non-profit organization, become healthy and fit. Whatever your New Year’s promises to yourself are, vow to see them come to fruition. Try not to go into another year doing the same thing expecting a different result. Make the necessary changes to be a Better YOU! Try not to just talk the talk but really walk the walk this year. Victory will only come about when we do the following:

V – Value who you are and work on becoming a better YOU

I – Imagine the Impossible with Christ

C – Continue to ask for Strength, Patience and Tenacity

T – Take the necessary steps to Make it Happen!

O– Open your heart, mind and soul to the Possibilities that are ahead

R – Ride the storm (because there will be some)

Y– Yell to the top of your voice Yes, I can and Yes I Will!

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